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    • Social Media Listening Tools for Your Business

    • Internal Communication Tools in Your Business

    • Feedback Mechanisms - How are you collecting feedback?

    • Graphics & Scheduling Tools for your Business

    • Customer Relationship Management - CRM Tools for Your Business

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Yanique Grant

Yanique Grant has helped many clients over the past 10 years such as small businesses, large corporations, manager and entrepreneurs enhance and deliver exceptional customer service that has led to increased sales across several industries including financial services, manufacturing, food, security services and government. She started this business with an aim to help companies and employees create amazing experiences! In the pursuit creating valuable experiences that are tailored made for each business, she has sought to educate, enlighten, inspire and motivate all of the people who crossed her path. Along her journey she has coached and instructed people from all over the world including Africa, Europe and North and South America. One main characteristic that we all have in common is that we are all human beings with feelings and emotions! Therefore, customer experience is a must because it is simply how you make people feel after interacting with them.She loves inspiring and engaging people so they can truly reach their greatest potential as employees, leaders, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers. We all have to play our role in making our lives become the best that we want it to be but remember along the way – you must aim to lift people up and see the best in them and help them to be best they can be! Yanique started the exciting Podcast in May 2016 entitled "Navigating the Customer Experience" available for listening on our website, on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and You Tube. Please head on over to Facebook if you want to be part of our on-going conversations on Customer Experience, Business Development, Employee Engagement and Customer Retention.If you want to change your approach to your business and learn how to get more clients and earn more revenue without advertising and marketing costs - click the link below and let's get started!